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WDSI President’s Message


WDSI is a very special academic organization – unique in my academic experience. In the words of our friend, John Davies, “… for nearly five decades … the WDSI Annual Conferences are fonts of collegial interaction, inclusivity, life-long friendships, career enhancement and fun.”

In our conferences, many present their completed research in the form of full papers. But there are quite a few presentations of ongoing research, where our colleagues get constructive feedback. These convivial exchanges produced many joint research initiatives and life-long friendships over the years. In short, our annual conferences offer good presentations, good company, good venues, and collegiality.

As we celebrated our 50th Anniversary in the 50th State in 2022, we continue our traditions that made WDSI a flourishing institution.

Salem Boumediene
WDSI 2022 President